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Race ItInerary 

Friday, October 8th





Preview ride - 10-15 miles, no drop 12-15 mph (leaves from Old Abilene Town)

Packet Pick up at Alamo Saloon

The Box Turtles - Live Music at Bulls Head Pavilion in Old Abilene Town

Saturday, October 9th


605 am

650 am

7 am

10 am

11 am

1115 am

1 PM

130 PM

530 PM

7 PM

715 PM


10 PM

Ortus Cafe, 118 NW 2nd St, OPEN (nothing happens before coffee!)

Finishers start arriving for 50k and 100k 

 (food and recovery beverages provided for riders at Bulls Head Pavilion)

 Mahan the Band Live Music on the Bulls Head Stage

Stone Cutters Union on the Bulls Head Stage

Sunday, October 10th

10 AM

1030 AM


Shake out ride, Starting at Ortus Cafe, 118 NW 2nd St.

 Parking available at Civic Center, 201 NW 2nd St. 10-15 mile ride, no drop